About Erick

Behavior trainer and motivational speaker Erick Powers is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers. His passion and high energy motivates audiences to unlock the power and greatness inside them. Erick has spent over 200 hours training staff in de-escalation techniques, and more than 300 hours of training in the areas of behavior modification, autism, and other classroom management techniques.

With more than a decade of teaching, speaking, and training experiences, Erick uses real-life stories and scenarios to connect with his audience. He has been known to use his charisma, warmth, and humor to challenge the way many think about behavior and provide a practical approach to behavior change.

What people say about Erick!

  • I have seen great improvements in the relationships my teachers now have with their students. I believe this training should be done with all staffs at the beginning of the year and followed up with refreshers throughout the year.

    -Lakisha Anthony, Principal

  • I was able to take away a wealth of information on tips to becoming a better communicator and what classroom management skills I want to have! Two thumbs up!

    -Raquel Wade, Teacher

  • Erick was simply dynamic and most importantly his training was effective and relevant for what educators face daily.

    -Jocelyn Jackson, Asst. Principal

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