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C.A.R.E: 4 Key Steps to Managing Chronic Problem Behavior

In education we like to say, students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Building relationships has an impact on student success, but C.A.R.E. is also the answer to changing chronic negative behavior. This workshop will demonstrate how to Choose a behavior to target, Analyze the data, create a Replacement behavior, and provide Encouragement strategies that support lasting change. This 4 step intervention process will help keep students in class, save you time and make you a parent’s hero.




Many of us experience burnout at one time or the other.  No one stays at the top of the roller coaster all the time; there are times where we feel tired, drained, and unmotivated to be our best self.  How do we get ourselves ready for the day when the truth is we didn’t want to get up at all?  If you have ever lost your passion and focus for what you do, then this workshop is just for you!  Get ready to be completely prepared for the day ahead and duly equipped to handle whatever comes your way.  Being ready starts with a decision and depends on how you see the situation before you.  If it is time for a change then get on your mark.  Ready! Set! Go!


Parent Training

READY to be The Best Parent!

There are manuals for virtually everything, a new product, a car, a job, but there is no manual for being a parent.  We try to do our best at everything we do, but unlike the other things there is nothing to teach us how to do the job of parenting well.  Until now!  If you are READY to be the best parent, you need only master these 5 steps to be ready for anything parenting presents and how to keep your family happy and working together.

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